Treadmill Tuesday: 30 Minute Speed Interval Workout

It has been a while since I’ve posted a treadmill workout. I didn’t spend much time on the treadmill this summer, and when I did, I took it easy since I was rehabbing my ITB/glutes/piriformis. Now that I am feeling stronger, I think my body can handle some more intense running workouts, and with the Army Ten Miler only a few weeks away, I think my body needs to practice running faster again.

Necessity was the mother of this workout–last week I hit the snooze button too many times and only had 30 minutes to squeeze in a workout.

30 Minute Speed Interval Workout
walking warm-up
0-2 min: walking @ 3.7 mph
running warm-up
2-4 min: running @ 5.7 mph
4-5 min: running @ 6.0 mph
2/1 speed intervals
5-7 min: running @ 6.7 mph
7-8 min: running @ 6.2 mph
8-10 min: running @ 6.7 mph
10-11 min: running @ 6.2 mph
11-13 min: running @ 6.7 mph
13-14 min: running @ 6.2 mph
14-16 min: running @ 6.8 mph
16-17 min: running @ 6.2 mph
17-19 min: running @ 6.9 mph
19-20 min: running @ 6.2 mph
20-22 min: running @ 7.0 mph
22-23 min: running @ 6.2 mph
23-25 min: running @ 7.1 mph
25-26 min: running @ 6.5 mph
running cool-down
26-28 min: running @ 5.7 mph
walking cool-down
28-30 min: walking @ 3.7 mph

Do you have a go-to workout for when you are short on time?

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6 Responses to Treadmill Tuesday: 30 Minute Speed Interval Workout

  1. MizFit says:

    hmmmm I do think I could adjust this and use on the recumbent bike this morning!

  2. I love mixing up the speeds on the treadmill. Gets in the speed workout and alleviates the monotony. Great job!

  3. emmagreenie says:

    This looks like an awesome 30 minute workout! I usually do something similar, but I may just have to write this one down and use it as a reference next time I’m doing my workout… Lol the treadmill has been my go-to a lot lately because I have been oversleeping as well. I think it must be the nice cool weather… Makes it too tempting to stay in bed in the morning!

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