Is Maple Syrup Sweeter Than Honey?

I am wary of most food fads and didn’t pay much attention to the Canada Maple Syrup representatives at Fitbloggin, but as I was sorting out all my swag, their brochure caught my attention.

At first I laughed at this statement:

Before your workout, maple syrup gives you the energy burst needed to power through your exercise regimen.

I mean, it’s sugar! But then I saw this nutrition information chart:

Now, I know I’m never going to consume a 1/4 cup “serving” of maple syrup (I just don’t like that much sweetness), but the chart provides an interesting comparison to my other go-to liquid sweetener, honey. I was surprised to see that maple syrup has more of some nutrients than honey, and fewer grams of sugars.

(Pure Maple Syrup in our Fitbloggin swag bag)

I do like a drizzle of maple syrup on my banana oatmeal pancakes, and I did put some Grade B maple syrup on my oatmeal at Fitbloggin (the darker grade syrup has more antioxidants and a stronger flavor) and it was delicious. Now, I may try it on other things instead of honey–like peanut butter toast. The Pure Canada Maple website has more interesting recipes, including a “sports drink” recipe (based on orange juice) and a smoothie recipe.

Do you like maple syrup? What do you think I should try it on?

Have you tried agave nectar?

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15 Responses to Is Maple Syrup Sweeter Than Honey?

  1. MizFit says:


  2. Dawn says:

    I’m not a fan of syrup at all. The smell actually turns my stomach. I have agave at he but never use it. I’m not much on sweeteners like that. Does that make me odd?

  3. misszippy1 says:

    I did the tasting at their booth and liked the darker amber best, too. I think they make a decent case for using it as fuel, it’s just a matter of how. I do use agave nectar here and there as a sugar substitute when baking.

  4. I used it yesterday instead of sugar in a pumpkin muffin recipe. I met up with Canada Pure Maple Syrup at the Health and Fitness Bloggers conference in Denver. I tend to use maple syrup more often then honey or agave nectar now. You just can’t over look all of those nutrients. 🙂

  5. How interesting I would have never have guessed that it has more nutritional value than honey. Thanks for the knowledge!

  6. Laura says:

    We’re big fans of pure maple syrup, although like you said, I’d never use a 1/4 cup! Somehow the maple syrup never made it into my swag bag… 😦 Those nutritional stats are impressive.
    I loved chatting with you!

  7. I’ve never compared maple syrup to honey. Very interesting.
    I’m a huge maple syrup fan, especially with my pancake obsession. I actually stay away from agave, I’ve read enough to to know that agave is highly processed and relatively comparable to corn syrup. I use honey and maple syrup to sweeten recipes usually. I like my sweetener to come in its original form.

    The other good thing about using maple syrup on pancakes is that it’s so sweet and thick that I don’t use too much.

  8. Dawn says:

    I found you 🙂 I’m not a maple syrup person but I read the handout to and was also surprised. My son ate my little bottles I brought home so didnt get to try it other than at the booth but he said it was great 🙂 as most kids would. I tend to still use the packet stuff. Never tried the agave either. Good post though, food for thought for sure.

  9. fitknitchick says:

    Being Canadian (!) I have to say that I LOVE Canadian maple syrup. Just not everyday and only in small quantities. Great for baking with and drizzling a bit over top of oats and pumpkin pancakes!

  10. Now we’re all going to carry around mini bottles of maple syrup instead of GU gels on long runs. 😉

    I never knew that info either!

  11. It’s my go to sweetener, I use it for baking, topping pancakes, drizzling on roasted or baked sweet potato or pumpkin, a little dash to a smoothie, or a teaspoon added to your banana softserve!

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