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Octoberfest Beers & Popchips Giveaway

I had two Octoberfest beers last week: The Sam Adams was by far my favorite–I hope I can have it again before it’s gone. The Dominion just tasted like beer–nothing bad, but nothing special. I think Popchips® must have seen … Continue reading

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The Best Of 2011

Best Book: Bossy Pants by Tina Fey   If you haven’t read this yet, please move it to the top of your reading list. I am not one to laugh out loud at much of anything, but I had to … Continue reading

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Product Review: Magic Masala Lays Potato Chips

Just because I was annoyed by the over-the-top marketing on the Baked Lays package, doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a good potato chip. Last weekend I was shopping at an Indian grocery store for spices (they are so much … Continue reading

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