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The Both/And Of Jesus

I first read about “both/and” thinking in O[prah] magazine a few years ago. Instead of approaching a situation/person/problem/issue from an “either-or” perspective, “both/and” thinking asks us to consider whether the possibilities that we are weighing as alternatives might both be true. … Continue reading

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This One Isn’t Magic Either

Last week when I first heard reports about a new FDA-approved weight loss drug, I thought it was “old news” from June, when the FDA approved Belviq. When I learned that it was a new newly approved drug, I had … Continue reading

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How Counting Calories Drove Me To Drink

It was a long journey from my days of drinking a 6-pack of Coke a day to my days of really, truly and honestly preferring water. It’s been a long time since I’ve kept a food journal or counted calories, … Continue reading

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