Fit Stanley Breaks The Rules At The Marriott

Another day, another hotel gym for Fit Stanley to check out!

Decisions, decisions!

This hotel has a very nice, well-equipped gym, but Fit Stanley isn’t sure we can get our workout done within this time limit.

Since it was only 5:15 am and there was a bank of treadmills, we decided to see how long we could g0 before the gym filled up.

The treadmill screen had a track layout, so we made up a virtual track workout, based on 1/4 miles laps instead of set time intervals:

Virtual Track Workout
Lap 1: walking warm-up @ 3.5 mph
Laps 2-3: running warm-up @ 5.7 mph
Laps 4-5: running warm-up @ 6.0 mph
Lap 6: running ramp-up @ 6.3 mph
Lap 7: running ramp-up @ 6.5 mph
Laps 8-11: tempo run @ 6.7 mph
Laps 12-17: 1/4 mile repeats @ 7.0 mph with 1/8 mile recovery at 6.0 mph
Lap 18-19: running cool-down @ 6.3 mph
Laps 20-21: walking cool-down @ 3.7 mph

(I got to my cool-down before all the treadmills were taken, and by the time I finished the first cool-down lap, several other treadmills were open, so I don’t think I kept anyone from their workout.)

After a bit of stretching, it was time to get some coffee.

 While I cooled off, Fit Stanley found a palm tree to play in.

Does your gym have a time limit on its cardio equipment?

When is the last time you climbed a tree?

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8 Responses to Fit Stanley Breaks The Rules At The Marriott

  1. Hahahaha!! Y’all are such rebels! I’m going to (finally) join a gym later this fall, but I don’t know if they have time limits on the machine. The nice thing is there is an indoor track adjacent to the cardio room, so I can also take advantage of that. Love this series of posts!

  2. Jenn says:

    20 minutes at LA Fitness if the gym is busy!

    • Coco says:

      I would not like such a short time limit at a gim I paid for! I guess I would do more circuit workouts with cardio + weights

      • Jenn says:

        It’s only if people are waiting, but I suppose it could work to rotate machines. That’s what I’d do if the place was busy. But I don’t go for the machines. I do group classes and work with my trainer. If I was going to use the machines, I’d go at off-peak times. And since I’m not a morning person, that works out well for me. 😉

      • Jenn says:

        And I mean I don’t go for the cardio machines. I have a treadmill and elliptical at home. The stair machine and step mill intimidate me …. I planned to use the weight machines. The trainer wasn’t intentional. I just decided on that in a moment of insanity.

  3. golds gym is 30 min’s during peak times

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