TGIFit Stanley

It’s been a long week–thank goodness I’ve had Fit Stanley to keep me company! Yesterday brought me to the third hotel in the third city of this business trip. By coincidence, it’s the same brand as the second hotel, so things are oddly familiar (the bedding, the shampoo) but still quite different (the decor, the layout).

This decision point looks familiar!

My body no longer knows what day it is, let alone what time it is, so I wasn’t really surprised when I woke up at 4:00 am, until I realized that it was 2:00 am in the time zone I had just left. Still, Fit Stanley and I were not the first to hit the gym. (I think we were third.)

My plan for today was to do my elliptical + weights routine.

There was no time limit on the cardio machine, but I knew this mountain wouldn’t be as fun to climb as the one we hiked last weekend. I did like that the program used 10 second segments–a hard interval was over before I noticed just how hard it was.

There was a full set of weights, but I hate this style. They are unnecessarily large and cumbersome!

I did my usual weight routine, minus the bowflex and floor exercises:

deadlifts/military presses
plie squats/tricep dips
lunges/bicep curls
squats/front and lateral raises

Since there were no 8 lb. weights, I used 10 lb. weights for front and lateral raises, and was pleased to see that I could do 3 fulls sets of 8 reps!

Being downtown in a big city, we had plenty of options for our post-workout Starbucks.

I was meeting a friend for breakfast at 9:00 but it was only 6:30, so I also got a banana and chocolate milk to refuel. (We met at Panera, so I got to enjoy my other favorite on-the-go breakfast sandwich later.)

Do you have any fun plans for this weekend?

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2 Responses to TGIFit Stanley

  1. Tara Burner says:

    Looks like you and FitStanley are having a blast!
    This weekend…I’ll be at dirt track races saturday taking pics, video’s for their facebook page
    and who knows on Sunday…running and????

  2. Looks like Fit Stanley might have had a hard time with those clunky weights. Enjoy the windy city and all your Starbucks options 🙂 Do you have one more city on your tour? Or do you get to go home yet?

    This weekend, we’re off to the USC game, but first is laundry and studying. Tomorrow I get to run with a friend and I’m very excited.

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