Three Things Thursday (The Overnight Essentials Edition)

Last weekend was the state championships for my son’s lacrosse team. The games were played at a school in Charlottesville and coincided with U. Va. graduation weekend, so hotel rooms were scarce. Luckily, a colleague has a condo at a ski/golf resort not too far away, and was willing to let us use it–if we needed it.

The way the games were scheduled, the team had to win Friday night in order to play on Saturday, so heading into the weekend we didn’t know if we would need a place to stay or not. We packed bags, but did not got all-out with groceries.

After our boys won on Friday, we hit a grocery store for these essentials:

  1. Beer to celebrate the win!
  2. Half-and-Half for our coffee (we already had a stash of Starbucks Via in our bags)

  3. Someething chocolatey

Click to view larger product image.

(This was meh. I’ve had a better.)

What are your overnight essentials?

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3 Responses to Three Things Thursday (The Overnight Essentials Edition)

  1. Miz says:

    ok. so you love the via?!
    maybe I got me a bad batch as I LOVE MY COFFEE and could not stomach this.
    which says a lot lot lot

  2. David H. says:

    You should check out Starr Hill beer — very good. I actually just bought my first-ever variety pack this week.

  3. Kyra says:

    Wine, Doritos/Cheetos/Fritos, and something dark chocolate for me. Salted cashews and peanut M&Ms for my husband.

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