Need An Energy Boost? Check Out 1st Step Pro-Wellness Liquid B-12 (Review)

Work has been crushing me lately. Traveling for conferences has worn me down and led to too many nights burning the midnight oil to keep up with my work. While I have been known to hit up Starbucks for an afternoon pick-me-up, having caffeine late in the day sets me up for a vicious cycle of staying up too late and needing more coffee to get through the next day.

When I was  offered an opportunity to try 1st Step PRO-­WELLNESS™ Liquid B­‐12 Complex, I was interested to find out if a non-caffeinated product could make a difference in my late-day energy levels. The campaign slogan was enticing:

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Energized with Fast-Acting Liquid B­‐12 Complex

The product information was interesting:

I especially like that the product is made using fruit juices, is low in sugar, and only includes the B vitamins (B-12, B-9 and B-6) as  nutritional supplements.

I took my samples to work and lined them up on my desk.


I decided to have one mid-afternoon, when I might have been tempted to go to Starbucks.


Day 1: Yes, there is a desk under there somewhere!


Day 6: Look! They even helped me get my work done!

I liked both of the flavors I tried (cherry and tropical) and started looking forward to my mid-afternoon pick-me-up. I am too much of a scientist to draw any conclusions from this non-scientific test, but I was able to make it through my week without needing Starbucks.

If you want to try 1st Step PRO-­WELLNESS™ Liquid B­‐12 Complex, you can find it at most drug stores. The folks at 1st Step PRO-­WELLNESS™ have posted a $4 off coupon here.

FTC Notice: I was provided 6 bottles of 1st Step PRO-­WELLNESS™ Liquid B­‐12 Complex to sample and review. The opinions in this post are my own. 

How do you get through the afternoon slump? 

Does having coffee late in the day interfere with your sleep?

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2 Responses to Need An Energy Boost? Check Out 1st Step Pro-Wellness Liquid B-12 (Review)

  1. I’ve always wondered about using b12 supplements since you hear about it all the time. Wondered if it was a lot like some other supplements with claims they just can’t back up

  2. Interesting. Like Amanda said, I’ve wondered about using B vitamin supplements too but have never tried it. The afternoon slump is tough, but if I have coffee it definitely screws up my sleep cycle later.

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