Elementary Kitchen #Fail

I’ve been following the “green monster” smoothie craze with interest. I even went so far as to make one, and it was fine–you really can’t taste the spinach–I just don’t enjoy drinking my breakfast.

Still, it gave me the idea to try to sneak some extra nutrients into my family’s dinner by pureeing some spinach with a bit of tomato sauce and then using it in my spaghetti sauce.

I guess I forgot that elementary color wheel lesson:



Now, that might be a fine color for beef stew, but not for spaghetti and meatballs!

I debated throwing it out, but it really did taste fine. My husband and son were good sports about trying it–they even went back for seconds–but I will have to come up with another way to sneak more vegetables into their diets.

Have you tried a green monster?

Did you ever try something in the kitchen that went terribly wrong?

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6 Responses to Elementary Kitchen #Fail

  1. OK, that’s hilarious. I’ve done a few of the pureed additions to food. The problem in my house is that my kids don’t really like sauce. Try pureeing cauliflower and squash – very little color problem.

  2. Not yet… but someday. Maybe. As for things going wrong in the kitchen…. oh my yes:) I am culinarily challenged.

  3. I have had some funky looking stuff come out of my kitchen too! sometimes it is so hard to get past the look of things. But worth it when it tastes good. And food is food! Glad they were good sports. 🙂

  4. Steena says:

    Wow that really looks gross 😉
    Glad you were able to convince the family to try it, you would not have been able to sway me!
    My presence in the kitchen is terribly wrong.

  5. I love green monsters! And I’ve done a lot with pureed veggies, but my 4yo also doesn’t like sauce. Try orange/yellow veggie purees with tomato sauce, sweet potato, squash, carrots all work well. Blueberries cover up the green of spinach. I made a blueberry crumble one time and added pureed spinach to the blueberry. We couldn’t taste it at all!

  6. Since I got my juicer I’ve been experimenting…most concoctions taste good, but some of them look like mud!

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