Home Sweet Home With Fit Stanley

Before Fit Stanley heads off to his next host, I wanted to give him a tour of my gym, which is conveniently located in my basement.

There are no time limits on these cardio machines (other than my sanity).

(Precor Elliptical)

(LifeFitness Treadmill)

Fit Stanley can do lots of different exercises on the Bowflex.

But I still prefer my free weights.

I have lots of fitness workout DVDs for Fit Stanley to choose from.

And even a few tried-and-true VHS tapes.

Of course, Fit Stanley loves the FitBall and foam roller!

I’ve been building my home gym over the past 10 years, and know I’ve gotten my money’s worth.  I started with the VHS tapes and added free weights set by set as I got stronger. After a few years, I invested in the treadmill so I could run without leaving my kids alone in the morning. A few years after that, I got the elliptical when a (non-running related) knee injury kept me from running for a while. The Bowflex was my husband’s idea, and even my son uses it occasionally. From time to time I add new “toys” to help keep myself motivated, but most days I still prefer my basic cardio and free weights routine.

Do you workout at home?

Do you want to host Fit Stanley next?
(I’ll be reviewing his itinerary this week and sending him off this weekend.)

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9 Responses to Home Sweet Home With Fit Stanley

  1. The Chick says:

    I would LOVE to host Fit Stanley. I have intentionally fallen “off-the wagon” so-to-speak this past week as we were preparing for my husband’s move to Florida. This has been a pretty sudden and drastic change for our family and we are missing Daddy something fierce around here. So his last week here was nothing but his favorite foods, favorite restaurants and skipping workouts to take advantage of every moment we had together. And now I am in pity-party-having-to-take-care-of-4-kids-alone land. And I need to snap out of it. Fit Stanlet might be just the trick-wouldn’t want to let him down! You can contact me at fatchickfedup at gmail dot com if you want to talk more about it.

    • Coco says:

      Gosh, I know it is hard to get back on track even when you took a short detour on purpose. Hang in there and maybe Fit Stanley will help you find your mojo!

  2. Yum Yucky says:

    Sooo, how long did it take to explain to Fit Stanley what a VHS is? 😉
    I workout at home 100%, which I why it burns me up every time I see that $81 monthly charge come out for the YMCA membership. Husband insists that we keep it… in case he decides to workout one day. Grrrr!

  3. I’m with Yum Yucky – do you still have a VHS player??

    Welcome home! I’d love to host Fit Stanley – he can come to the gym at my school with me… I’m sure all the co-eds will get a kick out of him on the equipment.

  4. Beth says:

    Did you create Fit Stanley? Love the concept.

  5. SuperBabe says:

    I do workout at home – I have a couple of DVDs and stuff to do step-aerobics, yoga and pilates. I’d love to have a treadmill or a stationary bike (or a trainer for my regular bike!) – I might get the latter this winter…
    I’d love for Fit Stanley to come visit!!!

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