Fit Stanley Takes A Hike

This weekend Fit Stanley went hiking in Evergreen, Colorado.

It was a nice trail, but sometimes he had to climb over logs.

He enjoyed scrambling up the rocks.

He also likes to climb trees.

Fit Stanley knows that it’s important to stay hydrated–and a water break is a perfect excuse to soak in the view!

After a long hike, Fit Stanley relaxed with his new friends.

(Tracy, Joni, Coco–Jan was our photographer)

Then it was time to re-fuel with an anti-oxidant rich antipasto dinner.

What is your favorite antipasto dish?

Would you like to host Fit Stanley?


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6 Responses to Fit Stanley Takes A Hike

  1. Tara Burner says:

    looks like he had a blast!
    I’d love to have him visit me 🙂

  2. Gorgeous hike (and dinner). Looks like Fit Stanley is having a good time (you too). I’d love to host him! I think my kids could help me think of some fun and fit activities for him!!

  3. I’m sorry, I HAVE to ask, do you feel like a weirdo placing that thing all over & taking photos of it? (haha).

  4. Fit Stanley is cute. The Antipasto looks delicious. Very colorful pic. Nice to eat raw, lean and clean. Who invented him?

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