Who Needs Friday The Thirteenth?

Whenever a “Friday the 13th” rolls around, I think of Peanuts® and Lucy talking about triskaidekaphobia. I don’t think I ever had a really bad Friday the 13th, but I do tend to approach the day cautiously. On the other hand, I’ve had plenty of bad days that didn’t look so auspicious on the calendar. Take last Tuesday:

I was planning to do speed intervals at the track, and wanted a kick-ass playlist to keep me going. I had just loaded my new playlists onto my old iPod over the weekend, so I knew my favorite songs would be on it. As I scrolled through the screen, though, the playlist I was looking for wasn’t there.

It took me a few minutes to realize that all of my running playlists hadn’t fit on my old (2G) iPod. While I was loading it, it didn’t have enough room for everything, so I left off my mellow playlists and my Christmas playlists. I didn’t realize that it hadn’t loaded all of my running playlists. In fact, it only loaded up to “Spring 2010″ and didn’t make it to “Treadmill Tunes.” D’oh!

For dinner Tuesday I planned to make tacos as a quick but satisfying meal. I got everything going and discovered that we were out of cheese. I thought we had a new package in our basement fridge, but I checked all of the shelves and even the drawers that we seldom use. Luckily we had some sliced cheddar cheese, and I used a paring knife to cut it into tiny cubes that we could sprinkle on our tacos. That’s how desperate leads to resourceful when I’m in the kitchen!

Neither of these things were a big deal, but when both happened on the same day I started to wonder if I was having a “bad day.” I wasn’t though. I was able to laugh at myself (especially over the cheese!) and actually was in a better mood knowing that these minor bumps in the road hadn’t derailed me.

Do you worry about Friday the 13th?

How do you keep a positive outlook when you’re having a bad day?

What’s the most desperate substitution you’ve made in a recipe?

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14 Responses to Who Needs Friday The Thirteenth?

  1. Michelle says:

    I try not to worry more than usual about superstitious days (my normal worry is more than enough!).
    As for when I have a bad day, I try to surround myself with love. Or at least with people that will commiserate. Chocolate usually works too.

  2. steena says:

    Stupid iPods! Stupid cheese! At least you can laugh about it though.
    What do I worry about on May 13th? My husband’s birthday. And my lack of gift for him. Bad wife!

  3. I try not to worry about Friday the 13th. But, an iPod with lame music and an extra trip to the store would bug me for sure. When I have a bad day, I try to do something good for myself – paint my nails, read a book, snuggle with my dogs. Oh – wine helps, too. 🙂

  4. Michelle says:

    Had to laugh at cutting up the sliced cheese – I have so done that! I don’t really worry about Friday the 13th. When I am having a bad day, I try to just take a step back and breathe – meditate if I can, but if not just a few deep breaths to get re-centered and to remind myself that “this too shall pass.”

  5. Marcia says:

    No worries about Friday 13! I’ve definitely diced sliced cheese before. I think the worst sub I did was vanilla coconut for regular in a rice dish. It was pretty good!

    • Coco says:

      Gosh, I didn’t think I’d find so many sliced cheese dicers!

      Coconut milk sounds great for a rice dish — sort of an Indian flair?

  6. Marcia says:

    I meant coconut milk!

  7. Sheri says:

    I don’t believe in the “Friday the 13th” bad luck day. I have had made screw ups before on my iPhone music and that has torked my world especially when working out at the gym…can we say BORING. ….

  8. I don’t worry about it but one year when I was growing up we all forgot my mom’s birthday on Friday the 13th! She was not happy. Yesterday I met a blogger who was passing through town and she started the day with a flat tire!

  9. David H. says:

    Time to ditch the the iPod and watch for a run — you’ll enjoy it and it’ll make you feel less worse about a playlist gone wrong. 🙂

  10. yumyucky says:

    All I know is, it’s payday ((hallerluyaaaa!)). And that beats out any creepy power of Friday the 13th. teehee.

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