Thank You, MizFit and BornFit!

If you follow any fitness bloggers, you probably follow MizFitOnline. When I first found her site, I was drawn in by her motto:

because fitness isn’t about fitting in.

That sums up why I chose “@CocosFight2BFit” as my Twitter account name. I feel like being fit–making those healthy choices day and day out–is an uphill battle against the pressures and norms of society. But, finding people like MizFit and all the other great people in the fitness blogging and Twitter communities makes it much easier and much more fun!

A few weeks ago, MizFit had a BornFit Windom Top review and giveaway on her blog. I don’t usually enter giveaways, but this one was something that I would really like and really use. To enter, I had to post a comment answering the question:

What would you don your Windom for?

My answer was easy:

 I NEED a shirt like that for my o’dark-thirty, below-freezing runs.

Fast-forward to Monday, and MizFit had a post on her blog announcing me as the winner!!!!

I was so excited, and the timing was perfect. This was a grueling week work-wise, and winning this “prize” was a real bright spot. I ordered the shirt in black:

Shortly after I placed my order with my MizFit coupon code, someone from BornFit contacted me by email to congratulate me and assure me that my order would be processed quickly–how cool was that!

Yesterday was my “big day” at work this week, and I was exhausted when I got home. As I walked in the door, my husband told me that he thought my shirt had come! Really?! So quickly! I tried it on right away and LOVE it!

Here it is with the turtleneck zipped up (and yes, the tag is still on!):

Here it is with the turtleneck unzipped (and tag removed!):

The fabric is so soft and cozy it will be nice for lounging, but it will be awesome for my outdoor runs!

Thanks again, MizFit and BornFit!  

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3 Responses to Thank You, MizFit and BornFit!

  1. Beckie says:

    Congratulations! We are so happy you won the Windom as well! Thanks so much for sharing your joy. Enjoy your outdoor runs!

  2. iRun2BeFit says:

    That’s awesome! Congrats!

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