Let The Good Times Roll

I was inspired by MizFit’s ball-rolling demonstration on her Piriformis Syndrome (aka Carpel Tunnel of Arse) article, so tonight I got out a lacrosse ball to work on my lower back pain. This particular pain is not in my a$$–I think its my sacroiliac, which I have had issues with before.

I rolled on the ball for a while, lingering on spots where it “hurts so good.” Then I decided that my calves need some torture attention from the foam roller. My right calf in particular is very tender after just one session of the Advanced Camp workout on the eDiets Best Body Boot Camp DVD. I’ve already decided to dial it back and do the Battle Ready workout tomorrow, since that one doesn’t have as many jumping jacks.  

I also have The Stick which is good for sore leg muscles, but its a bit too intense for my calf right now.

All this has me thinking that I’ve really got to book that birthday massage I’ve been toying with.

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6 Responses to Let The Good Times Roll

  1. Miz says:

    And now you have me back to thinking about The Stick;)

  2. I only have a foam roller and I love it. I don’t use it enough though. I used to religiously but then stopped. Oops!

    And I could so go for a massage right now. I actually have a gift card for one I need to schedule. Must get on that.

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